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We engaged James for both selling and buying of properties. He is well equipped with knowledge. Most important he addressed our main concern. We loved the unit he shortlisted and satisfied for the selected unit. He also went extra mile for our future planning which we thought is essential and not just this one time transaction. We will definitely engage James again for our next home.Thank you James!
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  • What makes a condo luxury?

    A Condo is consider luxurious if it fits the following six criteria:

    • It is above $5 million
    • It is situated in a prime location
    • It is designed by a renowned architect
    • Its developer is reputable
    • It sports an iconic design that is instagrammable and gorgeous
    • It has a luxurious size
  • What are Branded Residences?
    Branded residences are luxury homes associated to a premium brand that offers prestige and recognition through association, in addition to services it provides to its owners. The key themes that surround a branded residence are the emphasis on design, services, facilities and amenities, and architecture. It was reported that buyers were willing to pay premiums of up to 132 percent in Bangkok and 69 percent in Kuala Lumpur over non-branded dwellings.Click the link to learn more about branded residences.
  • What are the biggest mistakes when it comes to property investment?
    People choose condominium just because it is the cheapest in terms of per square foot
    • Unclear objective: Buying for homestay, but hopefully for investment, and realising can't sell later due to wrong bedroom type.
    • No exit strategy
    • Lottery-style selection: Choosing units solely based on pool facing or 'lucky-number-floor' or high floor.
    • Never consider URA Masterplan: Choosing a 'forgotten-area', and where another area is aggressively developing.
    • Not studying the market trend
    Learn more about property investment by choosing a Fundamentally Strong Property.
  • What are the documents needed to buy a property?
    • Identification Card or Passport (must be above age 21)
    • Cheque with the buyer's name (Can't use third party cheque)

    To take a loan, you will need

    • CPF Statement
    • Past 3 months payslip
    • Past Year IRS Notice of Assessment (NOA)
  • What should you do before buying a property?

    Check your finances and affordability

    Inspect the house for any defects. It is advisable to seek a professional help

    Get the agent to buy a owner search to ensure the property belongs to the seller.

    Besides negotiating on the price, also negotiate on the move in dates and furniture to be left behind

  • How do you know if a condo is a good investment?

    After looking at hundreds of properties, we came up with our Property P.L.U.S System where we look at 4 factors to determine if a condo is good or not.

    There are:

    • Price - Our method to look for undervalue property
    • Location - Near Good Transports nodes and schools
    • URA Masterplan - To determine whether an area is growing in the future
    • Selling Strategy - Planning on when you want to sell and who you want to sell to so as to maximise your profit and sell fast!

    Click on our Property P.L.U.S System to learn how to use our system to help our clients generate good profit.